Peter Cunicelli Log
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Artist Statement

My work is an extension of my interest in contrast. Most evident is the contrast of smooth, fluid forms with the sharpness of the lines that join each side of a piece. Like many things in life my work is multi-faceted. While in one position a piece is in motion, dramatic and bold. Turn it to view it from another angle and it becomes somewhat stifled and almost awkward. Nothing is ever perfect or always beautiful. While creating a piece, I often have lights fixed on one side of the piece. The shadows and negative space produced by a piece are just as important as the glaze, clay body or form. More recently, I have moved from concentrating solely on form to walking a fine line between form and function. Bowls, pitchers and lamps can also have this similar contrast of beauty/awkwardness, light/dark and positive/negative space. Any piece will look good sitting by itself, but ultimately, satisfaction for me comes when someone incorporates that piece in their daily ritual.

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